Democratic Presidential hopefuls target Bernie Sanders

Kenny Kuhn
February 26, 2020 - 8:11 am
Dem Debate 2020



Democrats seemed to gang-up on Bernie Sanders in last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate.

“It wasn’t as annoying as the previous debate but it was still an incredibly annoying debate to watch,” David Shultz Professor of Political Science at Hamline University told WWL First News Tommy Tucker. “They yelled, they screamed they interrupted.”

He says although the other Democratic candidates targeted Sen. Bernie Sanders and his key campaign points of Healthcare for all, Shultz says Sanders still came out unscathed. “Even though they all ganged-up on Bernie Sanders he still largely, I think, escaped undamaged and Joe Biden for a change, actually had I think, a pretty good performance. He needed to have one.”

He adds, “You got the hardcore partisans who are going to spin it however they want. And that is the part I find that is just as annoying it’s not just watching this debate. It’s watching the lack of reality in terms of how people portray it afterward.”

The next Democratic Presidential Debate will happen March 15.

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