Is Hollywood South too expensive for Louisiana?

David Blake
April 05, 2019 - 1:00 pm

WoodysPhotos/Getty Images

Louisiana continues to rake in the movies, TV shows and film projects and there's no doubt the state tax credit program helps to lure in Hollywood business. But that doesn't mean all is rosy, as various studies continue to show it's not paying off for Louisiana. 

Tulane Professor Patrick Button has studied the issue for years.

"We spent $1.5 billion since we started with the tax incentive back in 2002, so that's money that could be spent on other things including a fix for the state's budget deficit,'' said Button. "The state puts out $1 in a tax incentive, how much comes back in tax revenue, this study found 36 cents.''

But Trey Burvant of Louisiana Entertainment says the issue is more complicated than just taxes, he believes when everything is considered what the state gives up on credits more than balances out.

"The latest study that just came out showed there was $325 million dollars in earnings to Louisiana residents, that's over $300 million dollars in the pockets of Louisiana residents," Burvant said. 

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