Deadly Christmas Eve shooting was no accident, say Kenner police

Chris Miller
December 28, 2017 - 11:54 am

She said her boyfriend accidentally shot himself Christmas Eve, but Kenner authorities say the autopsy says otherwise.

Police say 29-year-old Dominique Kendra Wix told them her boyfriend, 25-year-old Akoya Skeith accidentally shot himself while pulling his gun out of his waistband. But when Skeith died, the autopsy told a different tale.

"After they looked at the trajectory and some of the other evidence that was there, the coroner's office disagreed that there was any way possible he could have fired the gun," said Kenner police Lt. Brian McGregor. 

"A projectile had entered the lower left side of Skeith abdomen and exited approximately three inches higher from his right torso," McGregor says the autopsy showed them. "It was determined at autopsy that the location of the gunshot wound, the trajectory of the projectile, and the lack of marks from discharging a firearm at close range, that Skeith did not fire the weapon."  

McGregor says when detectives confronted Wix, she changed her story and admitted she shot Skeith: 

"Wix claimed that on the night of incident, she and Skeith was in their upstairs bedroom.  Skeith had a firearm in his waist band and made an aggressive move in her direction with his body while standing across from her.  Wix first advised that Skeith’s movement frightened her, at which time she retrieved her 9mm handgun from an end table and pointed it at Skeith and shot him.  Wix then stated that she only pointed the weapon at Skeith in a 'playing' fashion and that the two were not involved in any type of argument, contradicting her previous statement of being frightened."  

Now Wix is facing a manslaughter charge.

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