Dead baby found in Tickfaw garbage truck likely stillborn

November 29, 2018 - 5:12 pm

Tangipahoa Parish authorities say they believe the 3 pound baby boy found in the back of a Tickfaw garbage truck was likely a stillborn. 

Sheriff Daniel Edwards says they’re searching for the child’s mother, and have honed in on the likely dumping location after determining where the corpse was located relative to other trash in the truck that had been compacted.

“You can narrow it down to know, within several trash cans, where that particular infant would have been placed.”

The child was discovered by a Waste Management worker yesterday while he was loading trash cans into his vehicles compactor along Whiskey Lane.

Edwards suspects the mother is from the Tickfaw area, and after searching records at local medical facilities, determined the birth was likely performed off-the-grid.

“This baby was not delivered at a hospital, or with anyone with any type of medical training at all. This would have been delivered in somebody’s home, or something like that.”

The Sherriff says someone in the public knows about this incident, and is asking anyone with information to come forward.

The brother of Governor John Bel Edwards says their number one priority at this time is trying to find her to make sure she’s safe.

“(We’re concerned about her safety) having gone through a childbirth outside of a medical facility. Where is she? Why did she chose do this? Is she receiving appropriate care? Is she in danger of getting infections?”

Edwards says if they confirm the child was a stillborn, and a toxicology report on the body comes back clean, the mother likely won’t be facing felony charges.

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