New Orleans: Scene of the Crime...CrimeCon III

Showcase for Oxygen Network's true crime line up draws big crowds

Thomas Perumean
June 08, 2019 - 5:01 pm

WWL - Thomas Perumean

CrimeCon kicked off Friday at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel and Convention Center with the keynote evening address by Nancy Grace.  The network's highest profile asset delivered an emotionally charged talk about her life and her own personal search for justice following the murder of her fiancee, Keith Griffin.  

It was that crime which changed her life and propelled her forward to be come a prosecutor, author, commentator for Court TV, justice advocate for CNN, podcaster, and now Oxygen as host of her own show, "Injustice with Nancy Grace.  

And while Grace, and many of the producers of true crime shows take center stage, it's the fans who bring the real stories to life.  Brooke, from Alabama, is an internet for the podcast Missing Alyssa.  (An on-going investigation in the disappearance of Alyssa Turney, who vanished from her Arizona home in 2001) She says,  "There's a misconception about people who like true crime content, that's some kind of weird thing.  But I've sat on the floor with people who've cried because they've lost a sibling in a murder.  It's more about compassion than it is about people."  

As for the fascination among those who consume true crime books, documentaries, shows, many say listening to podcasts about unsolved cases is what captured their imagination and drives their fandom of the genre.  Theresa lives in Ohio and has a 90-minute commute to and from work.  This allows her to delve into true crime podcasts.  She finds the podcast about the Amy Renee Mihaljevic murder from 30-years ago.  "[The Suspect] lured her to a shopping center with the ruse he was going to take her to buy a gift for her mother who had just gotten a promotion at work, they still haven't solved the case."  

Missy is a professor in English Literature, she sums the true crime craze as:  "Starting in childhood we're read stories about monsters.  And at some point I think we want to shift from the monster being fake to the monster being real."  

CrimeCon III, New Orleans wraps up Sunday.  

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