Jim Hanzo

Crawfish supply to be low for holiday weekend

April 19, 2019 - 7:51 am

Kevin Barnhart reporting

Crawfish availability is expected to be lower going into Easter weekend, which normally marks the peak of the season.  

The overall crop of crawfish is down this season.  

President of the Crawfish Research and Promotion Board David Savoy said there has been a bit of a rebound, but the recent bad weather has slowed down the harvest going into the holiday weekend.

“We’ve caught probably between three to five inches of rain, which is good, but keeps you out of the field to some degree if it’s too deep.  It’ll put a limit on what we catch,” said Savoy.

Savoy said one possible reason the mudbugs are not hitting the traps like they should, they just simply are not out there.

“Crawfish are kind of like sharks, when one starts eating, they’ll all want to eat, but we haven’t had that big multitude of them out there busting these traps up and attracting other crawfish,” said Savoy.

Savoy said another possible theory for the low harvest rates, the water has been much colder, much later into the season this year.

“When the water is cold, crawfish end up moving in about a ten foot circle, so you end up with them just hanging there.  They don’t move very much,” said Savoy.

Bottom line... you may have trouble finding mudbugs, and the ones that are available will likely cost more than in past years.

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