Crawfish prices remain high, should come down after Easter

Jim Hanzo
March 15, 2019 - 9:35 am

As Easter gets closer, the demand for crawfish rises.  

Many still think the prices are high.  Others say it doesn't matter they're ready for a boil.  

LSU Ag. Center's Dr. Greg Lutz reports that while it's hard to predict, prices should come down after Easter.  

"Historically, a point where the price goes down after Easter, after Lent and some of that may be just simply due to abundance, some of that is due to  the higher demand during Lent and some of that demand falls off once people can start eating meat again," Lutz noted. 

He explains that prices remain elevated because the demand is there and the supply is quite what it should be.  

"Prices are still driven by supply and demand, and our supply is quite not where we would like to see it," said Lutz.   

Lutz adds it still costs the same for a farmer to run his traps no matter how many crawfish he pulls up. 

Live crawfish are running around $3.40 to $3.50 a pound.  Boiled around 5 dollars a pound.

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