Officials aim to take down Hard Rock cranes today

Chris Miller
October 18, 2019 - 6:12 am

Thomas Perumean


Engineers are working to bring down the horizontal portions of the two large cranes at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site that partially collapsed last Saturday. The goal is to bring them down in a controlled implosion today.

Engineers are making strategic cuts into the metal skeletal structures at the Hard Rock collapse, and carefully placing explosive charges. When they're ready, New Orleans Fire Chief Tim McConnell says they'll bring the sections down, hopefully to land immediately below their current position.

"They're using charges in such a way to make sure more of it gets into the building and nothing falls outside of the curb," McConnell said.  "Think of it like it's melting: Like it just comes down right where it is and just, everything stays right there in the building, right a the foot of where it is."  

Time is of the essence -- officials don't want these damaged cranes to be buffeted by high winds in the forecast this weekend.

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