Coyote sightings in Armstrong Park in New Orleans


Leo Watermeier


There have been growing reports of coyotes spotted in Armstrong Park.

Leo Watermeier with Friends of Armstrong Park says he was hearing the claims, so he went to check it out for himself.

Within minutes he found one.

Leo Watermeier
"This morning around 10:30 I took these 2 photos," Watermeier said in an email. "The animal had been hanging around the antique rose garden and when I surprised  it he took off towards the Dumaine St. gate."

He says the city has not been able to find the animal.

"We understand the Parkways staff is aware of the coyote and animal control has been notified but when they’ve come to the park have not been able to locate it."

Watermeier says the coyote he saw may have been looking for something to eat.

"He stayed awhile watching 2 ducks in the lagoon then I lost track of him," he said in the email.

Armstrong park is in Treme, just across the street from the French Quarter.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there have been reports across the country and around the world of wild animals in areas where they are not usually seen as there are fewer people out to scare away the wildlife.

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