COVID-19 consequences: Car burglaries jump as city locks down

40-cars, 4-apartment complexes, hit over 2 nights

Thomas Perumean
April 09, 2020 - 8:37 pm
Cars victimized, savaged by marauding gangs



Car burglars are having a high old time with law abiding citizens adhering to shelter-in-place orders. 

Over two nights recently, crooks have hit four apartment complexes and busted into over 40-cars. 

And while NOPD arrests the organizer of an illegal second line Superintendent of Police Shawn Ferguson has had to admit there was an initial dip in burglary numbers during the coronavirus pandemic, but the problem had been ravaging the city has flared up again.

Ferguson said however the city has been making phenomenal progress in getting organized car burglars off the streets. 

Ferguson points to the arrest of an alleged serial business burglar named Joshua Daigle.  Arrested Sunday in a string of burglaries in the French Quarter, Daigle is alleged of breaking into one car and stealing another. 

WWL-TV says the 47-year-old repeat offender was in possession of stolen wine, clothes, two pairs of shoes and jewelry.

In addition to burglary charges, Daigle was booked with looting, which covers any burglary during a declared emergency. 

Looting is defined as “Whoever commits the crime of looting shall be fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned at hard labor for not more than fifteen years, or both.”

Meanwhile the Chief has taken to issuing a statement to anybody considering committing crime while the city is on lockdown:  “We're going to continue to do our job under whatever circumstances there are. So we're asking you, the criminal, just as everyone else: stay at home and help us to stop the spread.”

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