Nationwide meat shortage hits New Orleans

Local restaurants adjusting menus, prices to work with what they can get

Thomas Perumean
May 10, 2020 - 8:31 am
Local restaurants adjusting menus, prices to work with what they can get


Two local area smokehouse restaurants are dealing with a meat shortage.

Toups Meatery and Blue Oak BBQ are stepping up to the challenge of having to deal with it and stay in business.

The shortage comes as two of the nation’s largest meat processors and suppliers are off line due to the COVID-19 epidemic and others are shuttered due to the drop off in demand. 

WWL-TV caught up with Issac Toups, chef and owner of Toups Meatery.

“I had to switch sometimes to different cuts of meat to different purveyors to different selections. I had to be flexible,” Toups told the broadcaster.  “I normally get my chickens from one place, but I had to switch and move to another place. Right now, I’m getting fresh shrimp from Grand Isle, but I had to get my chicken from Tyson, so it’s kind of a balance.”

Meanwhile, across Carrollton Street, opposite of Toups is Blue Oak BBQ. 

They took to social media to tell customers they were having to increase prices.

Disruptions in delivery and other shortages have them paying more for meat.

Despite having to use different cuts like Toups and paying more for any available meat supply like Blue Oak is doing, the demand for BBQ is remaining strong and customers are coming back in a big way. 

“We’re still here. They could charge twice as much as they normally do, and we’d probably still come to Blue Oak. It’s that good,” Blue Oak customer Conner Cook told the station. 

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