Council Committee meets to discuss new oversight role in S&WB

Chris Miller
December 13, 2018 - 9:41 am

The New Orleans City Council Public Works Committee meets today, for the first time since voters decided that committee's chairman should sit on the Sewerage & Water Board.

It wasn't that long ago that voters thought getting council members off the board would be a good thing that would help reduce politics in the system. After several deficiencies in both the water and drainage systems have come to light, councilman Joe Giarrusso says maybe that was a mistake.

"You want somebody, one person at least, who's that representative voice of the people," said Giarrusso. "You need somebody on there who can do two different things: one is, who has the time and the resources to really dive in to all these issues...the other piece, in my view is, you want somebody who is going to be a voice for what they consistently hear."

Voters agreed, deciding Saturday that at least once council member should still have a presence on the board.

Giarrusso expects constituents to demand to know what's going on.

"I get stopped every day, every place I go with a billing issue, a service cut, I was at the dry cleaners and a woman hands me her bill."

The Public Works meeting is set to begin around noon, right after the utilities committee meeting adjourns, in the City Council meeting chamber at New Orleans City Hall.

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