Could another Republican join the governor’s race?

February 19, 2019 - 9:33 am


State GOP operative Scott Wilfong says there is an effort to find a more competitive candidate to take on the governor in the October 12th primary. Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards is currently lapping his two Republican opponents in fundraising and statewide name recognition.

“I know there is a movement to get another candidate in the race. Whether that will be successful or not, I don’t know.”

Wilfong made the comments while appearing as a guest on a radio show in Baton Rouge.

Edwards’ two main republican challengers Eddie Rispone and Ralph Abraham failed to collect over a million dollars in donations combined in 2018, while the governor has eight-point-four million in the bank.

Wilfong says Abraham’s fundraising totals are a concern.

“The finance report that he just filed, with only $350,000 on hand. The money discrepancy is huge.”

Wilfong says while the GOP field may grow more crowded in the coming months, he hopes low performing candidates will drop out when qualifying rolls around in August.

“There should be one candidate. We are giving them all time to make their case, but by August or September certainly I think that the part will, if not officially, unofficially coalesce behind one candidate.”

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