The cost for a Thanksgiving dinner a little cheaper this year

November 20, 2017 - 10:57 am

(   You will see a slight savings this year on Thanksgiving dinner. An American Farm Bureau Marketbasket survey estimates it will cost $43.27 on average in Louisiana. 

Farm Bureau Federation News Director Neil Melancon says a large inventory of turkeys are helping to drive prices down.
"Turkey producers went into overdrive last year.  Poultry was doing pretty well and just built up a stockpile of surplus.  Especially here the week before Thanksgiving, they're trying to move the stuff out."

That is over three-dollars cheaper than 2016 for a 16-item meal including turkey and all the trimmings. Melancon says since turkey prices are very low right now, he recommends to shop around and compare.

"99 cents, 80 cents per pound is what we found and there's a lot of discounts out there.  Do shop around if you're not seeing it in the 13-dollar range." 
Melancon says we are paying less for other items, some which are grown locally.
"We produce a lot of sweet potatoes.  The national average price for yams is $3.60.  Here in Louisiana it's $2.94."

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