Coronavirus killing mostly black people with high blood pressure and diabetes in Louisiana

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
April 07, 2020 - 11:57 am

Spencer Platt / Gatty Images

New breakdowns of the COVID-19 deaths from the Louisiana Department of Health show some clear trends.

  • Most of the patients who succumb to coronavirus are black.
  • Overwhelmingly the people who die with COVID-19 have high blood pressure (hypertension).
  • Many people who do not survive their battle with the virus have diabetes.
  • Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says only 32 percent of the state's residents are black.


"We are seeing a disparity because right now slightly more than 70 percent of all of our deaths are among African-Americans."

He says it is not clear why.

"Obviously this is a big disparity, and we're going to try to figure out what that is attributable to and what we can do about that as quickly as possible."

Meanwhile the state has released a list of the underlying health conditions associated with people who die from COVID-19.

While nationwide statistics are not available, Chicago reports 72 percent of coronavirus deaths are among African-Americans and Milwaukee reports more than half of cases there are in black people.

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