Cops: Woman killed, man shot after teen suspects break into car


A 17-year-old suspect is under arrest for second degree murder after allegedly gunning down a woman who was trying to stop him from breaking into her car.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro says this is exactly what he has been warning about.

"He shoots at both victims, killing a 63-year-old woman and wounding... the owner of the car," the D.A. said. "This is another example of the violent criminal activity that is plaguing our community by the juveniles."

Cannizzaro says a group of teens were breaking into the couple's car, when they went outside to see what was happening. 

The home was in the 2700 block of Cleveland Avenue.  That's near Canal and Broad.

Listen to the D.A.:

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Police Chief Shaun Ferguson called a news conference about the incident.

"They are armed, they are brazen and they have no fear," the mayor said of the bands of teens committing crimes in New Orleans. "Collectively we have to fix this problem."

Cantrell warned, however, against residents trying to confront juvenile criminals.

"Don't try to handle this on your own, it just doesn't end positively."

Chief Ferguson says the 17-year-old suspect is locked up on a charge of second degree murder now, but was out of jail after his arrest for a car burglary last month.  The teen also had an aggravated assault, an attack with a weapon, a couple of years ago; Ferguson said.

"I'm very upset... I'm disgusted, I'm disheartened, I'm upset, I'm angry and I'm disappointed," The chief said he was full of emotion. "Our citizens are constantly victimized."

The couple's car alarm was going off, and they went to see what was happening.

Ferguson says the husband had a gun.

As they approached their car, he says another suspect in a nearby "getaway car" shouted to the teen in the car to start shooting.

"That individual did in fact shoot at that male and female victim," the chief described. "The male victim was able to return fire, which resulted in a gunfire exchange between the two."

A short time later they learned that the teen was also hit by a bullet.

"While at the hospital we were than alerted that there was an individual that was transported to another local hospital via private conveyance who also had sustained a gunshot wound to the body."

Ferguson says they were able to identify that individual as the killer.




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