Cops promise a crackdown on summer crime in the city

June 24, 2018 - 9:14 am

Local law enforcement plans to keep things cool in New Orleans this summer.

As the season's first weekend arrives, criminals in the city are being put on notice. 

At a joint news conference, New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison announced a group effort to calm crime in the city, with State Police returning to help, as well as the ATF and the FBI.

''This is going to be a very proactive piece of enforcement to make sure we attack violent crime get guns off the streets," said Harrison. "And, we're going to get those who sell drugs in our city.''

Harrison says their efforts are already paying off.

''As of today, shootings, robberies and residential burglaries are all down,'' Harrison said.

ATF Special Agent William McCrary had stern advice for gun owners.

''If you carry a firearm in your vehicle, we ask that you please bring it in the house at night. That simple act, alone, could keep your firearm from being stolen and used in a violent crime,'' said McCrary.

The U.S. Attorney is fully prepared to prosecute criminals on federal crimes as well.

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