Cool again, warm again for the next few weeks

Fall weather coming in limited bursts

Chris Miller
October 17, 2019 - 8:45 am

Fall weather is back, but like the McRib, only for a limited time.

"We get those fronts that pass through, and we get this little taste of fall, we'll get some Canadian air that will hang around for a day  or two," said Louisiana climatologist Barry Keim. Then it's back to the mid 80s for a few days.

"Just as quickly as it came, it gets swept out of here and we start pushing air off the gulf of Mexico which  happens most of the summer around here,"  explained Keim.

Forecasters say we'll be in this cycle for several weeks to come.

"Pretty typical here pretty much throughout the late fall and into the winter and spring," said  Forecaster Tim Destri with the National Weather Service , "where we get these flings where it can be cool then warm right back up."

Destri says today will be one of our cooler days of the fall so far, before we go back to the 80s by the weekend.

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