Conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh heads to Senate confirmation

July 10, 2018 - 4:20 pm


Louisiana’s Republican US Senators are impressed with President Trump’s nomination for the US Supreme Court. DC-based federal appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh is widely considered a consistently conservative jurist. Senator Bill Cassidy says the Senate will review his record, then vote on his confirmation.

“I think he is a great pick. The president promised to nominate a conservative who has a great legal mind and who would treat the constitution as written.”  

According to Politico, Kavanaugh’s has ruled against labor unions and workers’ rights in employment disputes, against regulatory agencies policies, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and the EPA, for immigration restrictions, and called the Net Neutrality “Unlawful”.

Cassidy says he’s been impressed with the Kavanaugh’s track record on past decisions, and compared his approach to the President’s first nominee, conservative US Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“He is the one who is judging based on the law not writing the law. I think that is the way our constitution was set up and that’s what I like most.”

Senator John Kennedy says Kavanaugh has a good resume and a positive judicial history, but he’s holding his final judgment until he gets a chance to question the nominee in Congress.

“I like what I see. Having said that, I sat on the judiciary committee and part of my job is to ask Kavanaugh hard questions. I intend to do my job.”

Kavanaugh has not specifically stated where he stands on abortion in Roe vs. Wade, but recently dissented in a case involving allowing an immigrant minor to obtain an abortion while she was being detained by the state.

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