Keith Conley selected to fill vacant council seat

Former Kenner City Attorney takes over for the departed Chris Roberts

Thomas Perumean
May 15, 2019 - 7:34 am

Keith Conley is the choice of the Jefferson Parish Council to fill the seat of Chris Roberts.  

Roberts abrupt departure from the council came just days ahead of a federal indictment on numerous charges related to his personal finances.  

Conley is a former Kenner City Council member and City Attorney.  He also served in a ranking administrative position for Jefferson County.  He was elected to fill Roberts seat by unanimous vote.  Two others interested in filling the position dropped out of the process, leaving Conley as the only choice.  

"Everyday in government you have to approve yourself," Conley commented to WWL-TV.  "[S]ometimes things happen such as the situation last week with Councilman Roberts takes place, but I think it's important for the constituents to know that the government moves on,"

Conley will serve out the remaining time left in Roberts' term, then step down after a new council person is elected.  Conley is not allowed to run for the seat.  

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