Goodell: NFL has never been better, offers no apology to New Orleans and no investigation

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
January 30, 2019 - 1:24 pm



NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL feels the pain of the Who Dat Nation and the Saints.

"We understand the frustration of the fans," he told reporters at the annual pre-Super Bowl news conference. "We understand the frustration they feel and certainly want to address that."

Goodell, however, did not address that.  He offered no solutions, no apologies, no investigation.

He, in fact, defended the officials who he admitted failed to make the correct call late in the NFC Championship game.

"Our officials are human," Goodell stated. "They are officiating a game that moves very quickly... they are not going to get it right every time."

He also insisted that, like the league office, the officials wish they would have properly called pass interference and a helmet to helmet hit on the play.

"Officials are men and women of high integrity... I know they're disappointed also," Goodell said. "Over our history unfortunately we have had officiating errors, but the game is played on the field... played by humans, coached by humans and officiated by humans."

The NFL Commissioner also said that the league is very healthy. 

"I don't think the game has ever been healthier," he insisted. "There has never been a better time to be part of the NFL."

Goodell added, "Our game is getting better and better... our popularity is unmatched."

The commissioner did say that the NFL wants to keep improving and address the officiating that failed to properly call the penalties in the Saints - Rams game.

"We will look again at instant replay," he said. "There have been a variety of proposals."

He said, however, that technology and safeguards could not solve the problem he feels caused the officials to not call the penalties late in the NFC Championship.

"It does not cover judgment calls... and this was a judgment call," he told reporters. 

He then, however, suggested there may be a way to prevent a repeat.

"There are solutions for this and that's what the committee has to focus on," Goodell said.  "It's something that we are going to put to the competition committee."

The closest thing he got to any apology was saying, "It is a play that should have been called."

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