Coach O excited for SEC-only football schedule

WWL Newsroom
August 01, 2020 - 3:47 pm
Ed Orgeron

Stephen Lew - USA TODAY Sports

LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron reacts to the SEC’s plan to switch up the football season from the normal twelve-game format to a ten-game format with conference-only opponents.  Orgeron says there isn’t much clarity yet, the shakeup does not take the wind out of his sails.

“I’m sure the SEC has a plan.  They are probably going to tell us next week, but I’m excited.  Anytime you can play ten SEC opponents, the best conference in all of football, what a great challenge for us, but we are going to be ready,” said Orgeron.

The plan calls for the season kickoff to be pushed back to September 26th and Orgeron anticipates that the two additional conference opponents will come from the SEC East, but the team will be ready.

“We already have our game plans done, so most of those game plans are going to work.  Now we are going to have to get two more game plans for two more new opponents, but we are going to be ready.  That’s going to give us a lot of time to prepare, a lot of time in camp, we have three extra weeks,” said Orgeron.

Orgeron says the team has a great testing system in place with a great protocol and believes the team feels very safe with the virus spread mitigation efforts in place, adding that whatever comes, the team will be ready.

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