Commute times much longer if you rely on the Sunshine Bridge at Donaldsonville

October 16, 2018 - 4:04 pm


Bad news for those who use the Sunshine Bridge at Donaldsonville. Transportation officials say the highway that links both sides of Ascension Parish will be closed for weeks, because extensive repairs are needed after a crane barge hit the structure. Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan understands the frustration.

"One of em is my wife, it took her an hour to get across the bridge in Gramercy this morning to get to work," said Sullivan. 
Sullivan says the bridge’s closure is also impacting local businesses and it will cause problems for emergency vehicles trying to respond to a call for help. 
"Getting the ambulance to come to Donaldsonville, if there's not one on this side, it may take longer and with life every second counts," said Sullivan. 
State Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson says they have identified a contractor to make the repairs to the bridge, but it’s not an easy fix. Sullivan says from what he’s been told by DOTD officials, the structure took a huge hit. 
"They are not even letting their own workers on the bridge right now, so that let's you know that the concern and condition of the bridge is very serious," said Sullivan.

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