City Oks emergency funds for drainage crisis

August 17, 2017 - 6:28 pm

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ The New Orleans City Council has approved requests for emergency cash to help clean and repair thousands of drainage catch basins, hoping to prevent future flooding the likes of which took many residents by surprise earlier this month.
The council, during a special meeting Thursday, approved $22 million in emergency funding for the Department of Public Works to handle maintenance and repair of 15,000 catch basins and $3 million for any other drainage emergencies. The move comes as the Gulf Coast enters peak hurricane season.
The department's interim director, Dani Galloway, said the money is only a small part of what's needed to fix city drainage issues.
Clogged catch basins contributed to flooding on July 22 and Aug. 5 that led to property and vehicle damage in multiple neighborhoods. 

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