City leaders tackling juvenile crime in a roundtable discussion at City Hall

Jim Hanzo
June 25, 2019 - 6:46 pm

Juvenile crime has gotten the attention of city leaders and some have gotten together to discuss ways to tackle the problem.  

They met today at City Hall where the focus is on keeping kids out of trouble along with rehabilitation and reentry.  Nancy Fournier a youth study consultant spoke to WWL TV and said....   

"We live with our youth, so it's everything from getting them up in the morning and getting them showered and eating and back into school, to putting them to bed at night, or having them got to bed at night, it is looking at every single aspect of where we touch them," Fournier said. 

"Recently, there has been an increasing amount of reactionary comments and decisions based upon a belief that juvenile crime is on the rise," said Councilmember Jason Williams. "City leaders must be more thoughtful about what question is presented and what the numbers actually are before crafting new policies or clinging to old ones. The premise of juvenile intervention must not be based on a single bad news cycle. Strategies must be based on weeks and months of data with intentional discussion focused on the types of crime that the public is actually facing. The more specific we are, the more success we will have at protecting the public and positively intervening in young people's lives."

A new summer jobs programs lauched this year gives  100 juveniles  who have been arrested 3 or more times in the past 18 months a paid summer job, giving them the opportunity to succeed. 

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