New Orleans City Council launches Hard Rock investigative committee

Chris Miller
January 29, 2020 - 4:42 pm
Hard Rock Hotel collapse

Kenny Kuhn - WWL


The New Orleans City Council today voted to create a special committee to investigate the Hard Rock collapse and the response to it so far. 

Both New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and New Orleans Inspector General Derry Harper have asked the council to stand down, for fear that their hearings will interfere with ongoing investigations. New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno said at today's hearing that not only does the city's legislative body have the authority to investigate, it has an obligation, to the men who died and their families.

"It is our duty to these men and to the families of these men to ask questions, to review information, to dig deep," said Moreno, "because answers and justice is what they deserve."

Moreno says they also need to explore if it was possible to have prevented the catastrophe in the first place.

"It is our duty to provide oversight on the path forward," said Moreno. "It is our duty to work to create safeguards so that this never happens again."

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