Chief: NOPD had no choice but to shoot suspects

New Orleans Police showed body cam video at news conference


NOPD Chief Shaun Ferguson held a news conference today to show body cam video of the shooting where one cop was wounded and two suspects were shot after an armed robbery at the CVS on Prytania Street last week.

He stressed that officers had no choice but to return fire in this case and three others where they shot and killed suspects this year.

"We want to assure our citizens that the facts surrounding the four officer involved shootings clearly demonstrate that our officers were left with no alternative."

Ferguson said the video makes it clear that cops face a serious threat whenever they respond to serve and protect.

"Footage from the camera, the body warn cameras you just viewed is a sobering example of the potential danger... what they face every time they respond to a call."

He praised the police who responded to the armed robbery call at CVS and despite suspects shooting at them, still did their jobs.

"I commend these officers for their bravery.  I commend these officers for their coverage, more specifically Officer Clark. After being shot (he) was still able to stand and return fire against these individuals."

Ferguson said Clark is recovering at home and doing well after he was shot in the shoulder.

More about the four officer involved shootings in 2019 in New Orleans:

  • NOPD officers shot two men they say were shooting at them after the suspects allegedly tied up employees during an armed robbery on Prytania Street June 17th around 6:00am.  One officer was shot in the shoulder.  Both suspects were treated for bullet wounds.
  • On May 17th around 9:00am, NOPD officers say they returned fire when a suspect shot at them first.  The suspect died.  That happened in the 6800 block of Parc Brittany Boulevard.  It started when cops were called to an apartment complex where a man was seen walking with a gun.
  • On February 17th around 6:30pm the NOPD says a suspect was killed and five bystanders suffered bullet wounds after a shootout between police and the suspect.  It happened after cops moved in to arrest the wanted man on Canal Street.  Investigators says the suspect began firing as police approached and officers returned fire.  
  • On January 4th around 10:00pm, NOPD responded to a suicide attempt in the 2300 block of Orleans Avenue.  Investigators say the suspect opened fire on arriving officers.  They returned fire.  The suspect died a short time later.  An officer was struck twice in a bullet proof vest.
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