Cheap gas lives in Meraux

Lowest prices at family run service station

Thomas Perumean
March 19, 2020 - 7:24 pm
Lowest prices at family run service station

Thomas Perumean


When times get tough, there’s nothing like cheap gasoline to make you feel like a winner. 

The Meraux Tackle Box gas station is serving up unleaded gas for $1.49-a-gallon. 

The station’s price is the lowest in the region, and .50 cents cheaper than unleaded gas in New Orleans, which at a $1.97 is the state average. 

Located on Judge Perez Boulevard less than a mile past the giant Valero Meraux refinery. 

Tackle Box cut its fuel prices to $1.49 last Friday and since then all six of their pumps have been moving fuel for customers. 

“Since last Friday we’ve been going bonkers,” said Mike, the Tackle Box’s manager.  “Fuel went down and we went with it.  Nobody else went.  But, we always try to have the cheapest and do the best we can for our customers.”     

The Tackle Box is a family owned outfit and is always looking for ways to give back to the community.

Mike explains the family owner’s passion for helping their neighbors: “Bottled water, we mark it down a dollar.  We don’t want anybody thinking we’re taking advantage of the situation.”

“So we marked fuel down as low as cheap as we can, we got bottled water, toilet paper, bleach, gloves.  We got bread in…  We’re bustin’ our butts trying to get stuff for people and if at all possible mark it as cheap as possible.”

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