Charred dog remains found, Humane Society looking for clues

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
August 13, 2019 - 10:42 am

Humane Society

Animal rights activists are asking for help finding whoever burned dogs in a remote area off Michoud Blvd.

"The Humane Society of Louisiana is asking the public to provide any information it may have on any of the dogs whose charred remains were found in the bushes off Michoud Blvd in New Orleans East," according to a news release from Jeff Dorson with the Humane Society of Louisiana.

He says they discovered charred dog remains when a crew was shooting a video for the local rock group RMDY with several former Saints players and Rockin Doopsie.

"They discovered the charred remains of one dog and what appears to the skull of another dog. In the same area, the outline of a third animal, the size of a dog, appeared to have been moved or had simply disintegrated over time."

Dorson says at first they smelled and awful odor, then "discovered the grisly remains." 

"As I was walking on the street during a scene in the video I was overcome by the smell of something that was obviously burned. Not too far from the road, I found the body of a medium-sized dog burnt to the core from head to toe," band manager Robbie Slaton said. "Nearby was what looked like the skull of another dog. I could not help but hope at that moment that he was not alive when this horrific act occurred. I don't think I will ever get the image out of my mind."
Dorson believes it is highly likely that someone killed the dogs and tried to hide any marks or scars by burning them. 

"The Humane Society is asking the public to contact it if anyone has any information about these dogs, who they belonged to, or how they perished. The Humane Society can be reached by calling 901-268-4432."

The Humane Society plans give the dogs a proper burial and leave a marker within the next few days.

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