Charity Hospital clean-out more than halfway done

Future unclear

Chris Miller
April 20, 2017 - 7:30 am

The Charity Hospital clean-out is more than halfway done, a little ahead of schedule, officials report. The question of what to do next with the 1930s-era building remains unanswered.

The contractor has been working on it since around the start of the year.

"They're probably around 60 to 65 percent complete," said Jerry Jones, directors of facilities for LSU Health Care Services. Jones said workers are hauling away just about everything that isn't bolted down. 

"They're taking all of the contents that were left in Charity Hospital out of the hospital: desks, chairs, medical equipment that's not fixed," he explained.

Larger medical equipment will be handled by a different division, but when it's done, all that will be left is a vacant building. Then the state will seek requests for proposals to return the massive building to some kind of use.

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