Causeway sergeant convicted of theft

Stole guns, cash, cocaine from property department he supervised

Thomas Perumean
May 24, 2019 - 5:19 pm

Getty Images - Rawf8


A 46-year-old former Causeway Police Department sergeant stands convicted of charges of malfeasance and theft.  William "Billy" Jones was found guilty by a St. Tammany Parish jury on Thursday.  

Jones had been accused of stealing cash, cocaine, and two firearms from Causeway police evidence room he supervised three years ago.  

District Attorney Warren Montgomery summed up the case against Jones saying, "[He] held one of the most trusted positions in law enforcement, safeguarding the evidence seized during arrest.  This is a betrayal of that trust." 

The case against Jones began when Assistant District Attorney Jessica Brewster discovered her office was not contacted by Causeway Police of the seizure of $6,300 in cash six months earlier.  Brewster, who oversees the Assets and Forefeitures Division says the department should have notified them of the seizure within 10-days.  

Brewster testified after trying repeatedly to contact Jones she notified the Causeway Police and called in the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office to investigate.  

The investigation uncovered more than just missing cash.  Cocaine and a pair of firearms had also gone missing from the evidence room.  

In the end Jones, a 25-year law enforcement officer, was found guilty in just over an hour of deliberation.  District Judge Reginald T Badeaux will sentence Jones June 13.  

The former officer faces up to five years in prison on the malfeasance charge, up to 10-years each for the theft of the firearms.  A two year mandatory minimum will be imposed for the theft of the guns.  

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