Cantrell: Infrastructure, crime, blight, and homelessness are 2019 priorities

Chris Miller
November 13, 2018 - 3:57 pm

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell says cleaning up homelessness is key to moving the city forward.

"Cleaning up the city of New Orleans, the vagrants, we have to address that," she told WWL's Newell Normand. "And we're working on that aggressively."

The mayor told WWL's Newell Normand that part of the plan is a new "sobering center" included in her budget for next year, and a better process for moving people from the new low barrier homeless shelter into permanent housing. 

Cantrell said other priorities include fighting crime and blight, while improving streets and infrastructure.

She said they're getting after the holes dug in the street by the Sewerage and Water Board's ongoing repairs.

"We have 4,973 of these gravel-filled holes throughout the city, and we've actually started last week making sure those repairs happen," Cantrell said.

The mayor says the Sewerage and Water Board is taking a more aggressive approach to cleaning up after itself once repairs are made.

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