Can we see Louisianans involved in Trump's administration?

December 06, 2016 - 2:56 am
We can expect to see some Louisiana leaders working in the Trump Administration either in the cabinet or administrative positions, according to Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta, who led the Trump campaign in Louisiana. He says federal lawmakers from this state are recommending Louisiana residents to the transition team.

“The congressional delegation is making a very large effort to coordinate recommendations to Washington for people who are qualified in Louisiana,” Skrmetta said.

Skrmetta says the President-elect has chosen strong leaders for the positions he’s filled so far, including appointing Dr. Ben Carson as the Secretary for the Department of Housing. Skrmetta says he’s even thrown his hat in the ring for available positions in the new administration.

“I’m interested in serving in the administration. There were several positions I put myself in the name for outside of Louisiana and other things in Louisiana,” Skrmetta said.

Former-governor Bobby Jindal’s name has come up in discussions about cabinet positions since Trump’s victory. But Skrmetta says we’re not likely to see Jindal in Washington come January.

“From what I’ve seen out there and the players in the game, is he qualified? Absolutely. Is he going to be far enough up the list? I don’t know, but I would not think it likely,” Skrmetta said.
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