Two-minute warning for candidates

Election Day one day away

Chris Miller
October 11, 2019 - 10:56 am

The clock is running out on the primary election campaign, and the three major candidates for governor are racing to the finish.

Call it the two-minute warning: candidates are in the final moments of their campaigns with election day one day away. The ads have been running for weeks, the final debate has been held -- what now?

"Each of the candidates for governor knows who their voters are, so I would expect them to do a blitzkrieg across the state," said University of Louisiana Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross.

Cross says the campaigns are readying their get-out-the-vote effort -- to make sure voters remember to go to the polls on what will probably be the state's first pleasant fall weekend.

"Just emphasize getting out and voting," he said. "This is all about the ground game. This is about getting ma and pa off the couch and getting them down to the polls, and the team that does that the better is gonna be the one that wins."

Voting will have to compete with what will likely be sunny, cool weather across the state, but Cross says good weather should be good for turnout.

"Probably it'll be good for voting turnout, if you think of it in contrast to a rainy, stormy, day," he said.

In the governor's race, where John Bel Edwards has the lead, but not necessarily 50 percent plus one, and Republicans desperately wanting to force the Democrat into a runoff, Cross says the turnout drive will be everything.

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