Cajun Navy ready to lend help after Florence

David Blake
September 13, 2018 - 1:20 pm


As Hurricane Florence bears down on coastal Carolina, the Louisiana volunteers known as the Cajun Navy are setting up command centers and bracing for action.

Cajun Navy volunteer Scott Innes says people are hitching up their boat trailers, taking time off from work, and telling family members goodbye.

"Right now we have around 270 boats either there or enroute,'' Innes said, and he pointed out, they're not all Cajuns, either. ''We have people coming from as far away as Chicago."

Florence weakened to a catergoy two hurricane overnight, and that has led to concern that some residents may attempt to ride it out.  Innes joins experts in warning people that there is flooding danger and Florence could still create havoc.

''They have a major concern right now with people, that if they live inland and not on the coast, that they are no going to be effected, but with the river system there and the tidal surge, it's going to surprise,'' said Innes.

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