Cajun Navy mobilizes as Tropical Storm Barry approaches

Don Ames
July 11, 2019 - 9:50 pm



In anticipation of Tropical Storm Barry’s Saturday landfall along the Louisiana coast, the United Cajun Navy has gone into action.

Founder Todd Terrell says many of the Louisiana-based members are scrambling to protect their own homes, so in a twist, it’s Cajun Navy members from outside the state coming to  Louisiana.

“We’re having to pull volunteers from out of state, and we’ve got such a huge following. United Cajun Navy has seven states represented today as volunteers.”

The organization has built a nationwide volunteer base after operations in other disaster zones over the past three years.

Terrell says they’ve mobilized their volunteers to help make sandbags in the Baton Rouge area, which is set to potentially see over a foot of rainwater.

“We’re filling up sandbag at different locations in Baton Rouge. My goal was 5,000 sandbags in three days, and we’re triple that already in just a day and a half.”

Hurricane preparation can be difficult for those who can’t carry heavy loads of supplies and sandbags, so Terrell says they’re reaching out to see if people in the community could use some help with sandbags.

“We’re also delivering them out in the community to people who are handicapped, veterans, or disabled and can’t get them.”

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