Man who impersonated rideshare driver, assaults woman in Tigerland area of B.R.

February 20, 2019 - 9:35 pm


A woman was attacked and assaulted after getting into a vehicle she had mistaken for being her rideshare driver in the Tigerland area of Baton Rouge.  The man drove off, continuing to impersonate being her driver.  Police Sgt. L’Jean McKneely said that’s when she got a notification that her real driver was one minute away.

“She realized then that she was in the wrong vehicle.  She then began to question the driver, and while questioning the driver, he began to turn around and sexually assault her,” said McKneely.

McKneely said the woman began to put up a fight with the driver before making an exit while the vehicle was still in motion, then called for police assistance.  Police are looking for any sort of surveillance footage that may have captured the incident.

“She exited the vehicle near Nicholson and East Boyd near a Shell station.  What we do know at this particular time is that it is a black male drive in a dark-colored sedan,” said McKneely.

McKneely advises when using rideshare, pay attention to the vehicle you are entering and if you find yourself in a bad spot, take action.

“Distract the driver.  Dial for police assistance.  Have someone with you if using a rideshare program, or try and exit the vehicle as quickly as possible without injuring yourself,” said McKneely.

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