Broken pipes lead to plumbing backlog

January 20, 2018 - 10:25 am

Roads were shuttered and pipes shattered as Louisiana suffered record lows this week. Many Louisianans woke up to the sound of running water and nasty surprises across their property. Pipes “R” Us owner Danny Griffin says there’s a good way to avoid the hassle going forward.

 “You need to insulate your pipes, that’s a must, especially if you have a raised house. Any pipe exposed to the elements you need to insulate it. You can run water, but insulation will help out tremendously.”

Griffin is asking for patience as calls flood in asking for repairs.

“I got eight trucks out there working 12, 14 hour days, and we’ve gotten over 400 phone calls.”
Louisiana is no stranger to disasters, and the fraudsters that chase them. Griffin has some advice on how to avoid a bad deal…

“Make sure you get a licensed plumber, make sure you ask them what the charge is per hour. There’s a lot of these fly by nights running around out there saying I can fix this, fix hat, and they’re not fixing the pipes right, and they’re overcharging for it.“

Griffin says if you don’t have experience working with plumbing, leave the work to the professionals.

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