Brett Favre PSA 'tackles' distracted driving in Louisiana

April 20, 2018 - 10:19 am


Brett Favre is stepping up to be the voice of a distracted driving campaign in Louisiana. The Hall of Fame Quarterback is featured in a new PSA speaking out against dangerous behavior behind the wheel that was responsible for the deaths of hundreds in 2016.

 Favre is using his NFL experience to make an impact.
“Even the smallest distraction could make a good play or offensive drive come to an end. When you’re in a car, the smallest distraction could end much more than a drive. It could end someone’s life,” Favre said in the PSA.

Property Casualty Insurance Vice President of State Government Relations Joe Woods worked with Favre to bring the PSA to life. He says his organization is pushing to increase penalties for drivers who use their phone while driving, but laws alone won’t save lives.

“Changing the law is one thing but changing this culture is even more important and we think that Brett has a voice that a lot of people will listen to,” Woods said.

Woods says the advent of smart phones has led to a drastic increase in distracted driving fatalities.

“Of use of those handheld phones, over the last 8 or 10 years… the number of crashes has gone up dramatically, so we’re having more crashes now than ever before even though we’ve got all of these new safety devices in our cars,” Woods said.

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