Brees: President Trump "forced" kneeling players "to take action"

Chris Miller
September 27, 2017 - 6:11 pm
Drew Brees press conference Saints LA

The New Orleans Saints held their first practice of the week today, as they get ready to take on the Miami Dolphins in London. It was the British media that first raised the issue of players sitting or kneeling during renditions of the national anthem across the league last week.

"I still feel like if you are an American you should stand and show respect to the flag and what it symbolizes," said Brees. But he said he could also see and respect the point of view of the ten Saints players who did not stand.

"Certainly I respect the cause. I think what you saw last weekend especially was a direct result of the comments that President Trump made," Brees continued. "Unfortunately I think he put all athletes, all black athletes, minority athletes, he put them in a corner and forced them to take action. So that was unfortunate that he made the comments that he made. And I don’t blame the guys for feeling like they needed to do something as a reaction to that."

Brees said he and defensive end Cam Jordan, who sat during the anthem, have talked about ways the entire team can show unity and at the same time raise awareness. 

"Whatever we do, yes, those have been the discussions that have taken place. We want to find something that we can do together that shows unity and does not show division. But at the same point I think that we are all are very much on the same page as far as the cause is justified. It’s just the means by which the protest (is conducted), the awareness is raised. How can we do that in a respectful manner?"

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