Bourbon Street Phase 2 work resumes

Work halted since March due to river conditions

Chris Miller
May 20, 2019 - 9:50 am

After a delay caused by high water on the Mississippi River, work began again today on the Bourbon Street improvement project. 

"The project has been delayed since early March due to high water levels in the Mississippi River," the city's new release announced. "The City was notified on Thursday that a waiver had been granted allowing work to resume as long as water levels in the Mississippi River remain below 17 feet at the Carrollton Gauge."

Businesses in the area are ready to get it over with.

"When they’re fixing up your block, it definitely affects business," said Alex Fein, president of the French Quarter Business League. But the results, he said, have been worthwhile.

"Seeing it finished makes you realize how important it is, so yes, we’re very excited that it’s getting back on track," he said. Fein says businesses in the blocks where the work is now complete have noticed the improvements, with better drainage that lets water flow off the street before it can stagnate and stink up the place.

Fein says the city learned some lessons from phase one of the project, too: "Second phase, the second time around, has been much more efficient and much better done that it was the first time around."

Phase 2 has had a few bumps -- the city halted work in late February and early March so it wouldn’t interfere with Mardi Gras, then later in March, it had to halt work because of high water in the river.

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