Bobby Hebert & Zach Strief crush Anthony Davis for leaving Pelicans mid-game

AD called "childish", "spoiled brat"

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The Pelicans soap opera has become more unbelievable than reality television.  The latest episode took place Thursday night in the Smoothie King Center. The Pels pulled out an uplifting win over the OKC Thunder, but the bigger story was disgruntled All-Star Anthony Davis wasn’t around to witness it.  He played in the 1st and 2nd quarter, but then was ruled out after halftime with a left shoulder injury.

This is when it gets really interesting.  Davis decided he didn’t need to support his teammates the rest of the way and opted to leave the arena with his agent Rich Paul by his side. We asked our pros if they’ve ever anything like that before?

“I’m a former player.  I understand the desires of guys to move to different teams and situations and I support their ability to do that,” said the Voice of the Saints Zach Strief.  “What I do not, and will never accept from a player, is abandoning a team he is locked into playing for.  Anthony Davis faked an injury and walked out of the building in the middle of a game.  It’s unacceptable.  It’s plain as day, if you watch the play, that nothing happened.  There was zero reaction, there was no response to the foul when it occurred, and that is now supported by the report of a muscle contusion.  If you made me describe what I really think about the situation, I would say disappointing, and childish.  If you don’t want to play, be a grown up and say, I’m not playing.  Pelican’s need to take a stand against this.”

Bobby Hebert also unloaded on the 25 year old, saying Davis is being way too immature.

“The bottom line is you're acting like a spoiled brat," said Hebert. “You’re playing a team sport, you have to have your teammates’ back. AD’s days are over. It’s over. He should not even see the court again. How could he not get suspended after pulling off something like that? I heard Mrs. Gayle Benson was livid about it and totally upset. The bottom line is AD is over, we just have to go forward. Hopefully, whoever the new general manager is makes the right deal, because this is going to be key going forward. Not only short term but long tern in New Orleans.

Listen below for more from the Cajun Cannon below as he dishes on Anthony Davis along with Dell Demps getting fired and even the start of the LSU baseball season.

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