Blanco: Houston should've developed an evacuation plan

August 28, 2017 - 10:03 pm

(   Thousands of people in Texas are flooded out of their homes because of Harvey. The images are reminiscent of what happened 12 years ago when Hurricane Katrina struck southeast Louisiana. Former Governor Kathleen Blanco says she’s curious to why Houston never developed an evacuation plan like Louisiana had in 2005.

“We developed a staged evacuation program, getting the people in the lower lying regions to move out first. Putting a lot of pressure by not saying mandatory.”

Blanco says the low lying regions of Galveston and along the coast should’ve been evacuated by time and direction. She says Houston evacuations need to be staged.

“You have to have a coordinated effort so that people have confidence in Government getting them out of harm’s way, in a sensible way.”

Blanco says in 2005, there weren’t videos from phones showing the devastation, but now videos are flooding social media showing the severe flooding. She says she saw a picture of a flooded nursing home in Texas.

“It made you realize what was going on in some of our nursing homes in the New Orleans region. It’s pretty serious when people don’t take responsibility for moving the vulnerable out or themselves out.”

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