Salamoni's attorney not concerned about email that describes his client as 'borderline nuts'

September 19, 2018 - 8:48 pm


The attorney for Blane Salamoni is responding to the recent document brought up by the legal team for the family of Alton Sterling. An email from a year before the Sterling shooting, was unearthed that called the former Baton Rouge police officer “nuts” during an altercation with another officer. Attorney John McLindon says the email will likely not make it into court during the civil case.

"This is probably won't even get into evidence into trial, it's what we call propensity evidence, its prohibited, I doubt seriously that the jury will ever hear about this," said McLindon. 
McLindon says he expects the email was recently brought to light as part of a strategy ahead of the civil case.
"It's a good settlement strategy on the plantiffs part to say hey look at this, however if you dig deeper into this email, I would warn the plaintiff attorneys, don't put a whole into this, because this is really nothing." 
McLindon says in order for the Sterling family to win the civil case, they have to prove liability, which he doesn’t see happening.
"They may have trouble getting over that because so far all of the experts have said (Salamoni) did what was legal," said McLindon.  
The case is set to go to trial in April 2020.

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