Port of New Orleans launches major wharf terminal project

Will spend nearly $55-million to rebuild Nashville Avenue Terminal creating jobs.

Thomas Perumean
December 23, 2019 - 5:47 am
Coronavirus reporting protocols in place at PortNOLA

Courtesy Port of New Orleans

“We’re very excited about what we have to do to stay abreast in this market and keep growing,” PortNOLA Chief Commercial Officer Robert Landry announcing the project.

Big money, big project, lots of jobs.  The Port of New Orleans will vastly rebuild the Nashville Avenue Wharf into a full-fledged container terminal.

The Port will do away with the terminal’s warehouses, rehabilitate the wharf pilings and “we’re going to be extending the crane rails so cranes can move more along the wharf than they can now.  And we will have more cranes involved,” Landry says.  Traditional rail connections will also be extended from the Napoleon Avenue Facility to the new container complex. 

The new cranes are already on order.  These cranes will be able to reach across and serve new super-sized container ships coming on line across the globe.  “These cranes will generate a lot of business for the port, they're going to create a lot of longshore labor,” Landry says. 

Landry says the new container terminal will have a resounding effect on the jobs created up and down the supply chain, “The types of jobs that trickle out into the rest of the community be it by rail or by truck or by people who work in warehouses or who work in establishments that come across the wharves.  The impact is pretty big.”

The Port will pay for the project almost entirely on its own.  “We’re going to be spending a little bit more than $54-million on this.  A lot of the money we’re spending here is self-generated by the port,” Landry explains.  “The construction, the rail extension, the purchase of the cranes, a lot of that money is generated by the fees that shipping lines pay to use our facilities. 

Landry says the Port is making the expenditure to meet the demands of bigger ships that can carry over 9-thousand containers and to stay competitive with ports throughout the region. 

But the most important part of this project is the jobs created in construction and working the new terminal.  “We have been doing some work.  Now, the heavy work will be starting in the next couple of months and we’re probably a good 18-months away from completion.”

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