Big Chief’s NFL Rankings: The Final Poll

Deke Bellavia
December 29, 2017 - 6:29 pm




Are we on the cusp of seeing the first team ever to host their own Super Bowl?  Are we in store for an all Key-Stone State Super Game?  Will Joe Flacco work his post season magic yet once again?  Can the young Jags make a run?  And can another team from the NFC South make it three in a row in the Super Bowl?  Man the plot has thickened as the post season is near! 

Here are my top ten teams in the NFL:

Minnesota Vikings – In all the years of the talks about what team could host their own Super Bowl, the Vikings have gotten the least amount of pub.  But right now Minnesota looks more and more like they will be the first to do so.  To me they do anyway!

New England Patriots - Can Tom and Bill get to yet another Super Bowl?  I’d say, ‘Yes.’  But I would be really weary about facing the young Jags or the old Ravens.  Just saying!

Los Angeles Rams – When they play like they did when they scored nearly 50 at Seattle, no one can beat this team.  But can they play that way all post season long? 

Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Folse was the Eagles main guy a few years ago.  Can he do it again?  If he does, the Eagles could fly into the Super Bowl! 

Pittsburgh Steelers – A couple of post season wins, and the Steelers could be playing for their 7th Lombardi Trophy.  If the Steelers have to play New England, though, that means bad news! 

New Orleans Saints – They can run, they play good defense; but can they win two games on the road in the post season?  That’s what it would take for New Orleans to get to the Super Bowl. 

Carolina Panthers – A 12-4 team as a Wild-Card?  If the Cats win and don’t have help from Tampa that’s the best spot Carolina can get.  If Cam doesn’t up his play, the Cats will be short-lived in the post season. 

Jacksonville Jaguars – I’m as excited about seeing this team this post season, as I am any team.  As long as QB Blake Bortles does not put his team in a big hole, I like this club to give the rest of the AFC Field a run for their money!

Baltimore Ravens – QB Joe Flacco in the playoffs is a treat, as the man has made a living of winning big postseason games.  I think this Ravens Team can make a run. 

Atlanta Falcons – Win, and they are in.  Lose, and then hope those Red Birds from the desert upset the Seabirds in the Northwest. 

Kansas City Chiefs – Can this KC Team validate their hot 5-0 start to the season by winning a couple of post season games?  I think anything short of an AFC Title Game appearance, and this season is a big disappointment for the Chiefs. 


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