Best ref in the NFL: The guy who led the crew that blew the NFC Championship Game, says ESPN analyst

Chris Miller
August 29, 2019 - 10:52 am

Scott R. Galvin/USA TODAY Sports

ESPN loves having its analysts rank things, probably just to try and create some buzz. So it is likely to cause some hubbub in the Who Dat Nation when they hear that ESPN analyst Kevin Seifert thinks Bill Vinovich is the best referee in the NFL.

It was Vinovich's crew that missed pass interference and a helmet-to-helmet hit that would have given the Saints first-and-goal and an opportunity to eat most if not all of the remaining clock before kicking a game winning field goal. And it seems that's part of the reason Seifert thinks he's so good: he said Vinovich's crew averages the fewest penalties per game.

Not only did the NFL later admit that its officials blew that call, it changed the rules so coaches could challenge non-calls of potential pass interference.

Although if you ask a typical football fan "who is the NFL's best referee," they're likely to ask you back, "is this a trick question?"

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