Benson makes the Forbes four-hundred list as one of the richest Americans

Jim Hanzo
October 18, 2017 - 4:15 pm


The owner of the Saints and Pelicans is listed in a tie as one of the wealthiest Americans.  

The article says Tom Benson began as a bookkeeper at a New Orleans Chevy dealership.  

UNO Business Professor Mark Rosa said Benson has accumulated businesses.  

"He was in banking years ago and of course now he's got the sports teams, the car sales, the car lots, the car businesses, and all those things, so he's accumulated his wealth over time," Rosa said.  

His net worth is 2.8 billion dollars, according to Forbes.    

"He's crossed the billion mark and the value of the team, the value of his businesses, the value of his accumulations over his lifetime, he's reached that "B" number and he's the only one in Louisiana that's on the list," Rosa added.     

Number one is Microsoft's co-founder, Bill Gates.

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