Is that pink-ribbon charity legitimate?

Chris Miller
October 02, 2018 - 6:52 pm

The month of October is here, which means a sea of pink as Breast Cancer Awareness month begins. It also means scam artists trying to take your money.

Pink ribbons, NFL players wearing pink socks, even NOPD chief Michael Harrison is wearing a pink badge. The awareness drives donations to breast cancer research groups, but it also creates a fertile environment for people who just want to use your sympathy separate you from your money. 

"There are sound-alike...organizations," out there that try and sucker you, said Cynthia Albert with the Better Business Bureau. "They may be one word off."

Cynthia Albert with the Better Business Bureau says before you give, get an organization's full name, and you can run it through their charity checker at to see if it pans out.

And Albert says if a solicitor comes off as a little too desperate or even a little too pushy, then it's probably a tell.

"If someone walls you or there's an email or whatever and there's and urgency or intimidation, then you know that you probably want to stay away from that."

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