Be extra careful in school zones as classes begin the new year

Jim Hanzo
August 16, 2017 - 11:02 am

School is back in session, and now drivers need to be aware of young children darting out in the street.  

It's important to be on the lookout for school zones.  Louisiana State Trooper Melissa Matey says while some school zones may have flashing lights, others may not.   

"Pay special attention to all the signage alerting you of the upcoming school zone," Matey said.  

And she also reminds us it is illegal to be on you cell phone when traveling through a school zone, and the fines could be steep, to the tune of $500. 

"Avoid the cell phones while traveling through those school zones and make sure that you're looking for any child that could even possibly run out from behind a vehicle, or anywhere in that area," Matey said.  "So pay particular attention." 
And in Orleans Parish, it's possible you may encounter one of the many mobile speeding cameras that could be near a school zone.  

"When you come out of the summer, of course, those school zones haven't been activated, because, of course, none of the kids are at school, so people do tend to forget that they're going to enter a school zone," Matey added.  

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